Bloom Where You Are Planted: Military Children

Bloom Where You Are Planted: Military Children

Imagine a dandelion blowing in the wind, the seeds of the dandelion are whipping through the air not knowing when or where they will land. The wind stops and the dandelion starts to take root in a new location. The little dandelion now has to overcome obstacles that are thrown its way but with much perseverance and drive, the little dandelion has grown and thrived in its new environment, just like military children. 

Dandelions, much like military children, have the remarkable ability to take root and thrive wherever the wind carries them. Military kids experience being uprooted and transplanted across the globe, much like dandelions carried by the breeze. Despite the challenges of frequent relocations, they grow and thrive in new environments. 

Military children develop outgoing personalities as they frequently find themselves in the role of the new kid. Their adaptability is honed through the necessity of adjusting to new environments. The transient nature of their lifestyle teaches them that life is an ongoing adventure, demanding flexibility to truly savor it. More so, they become culturally aware individuals, immersed in diverse settings that expose them to new foods, languages, and life sometimes even in other countries. 

These experiences contribute to the growth and flourishing of military children into well-rounded individuals. Much like dandelions ready to be carried by the wind and take root wherever they land, these resilient young individuals are now able to thrive in any setting, just like the dandelion. 

Ways to celebrate military children: 

- Using hashtags like #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild

- Wearing your favorite mom & me matching dandelion jewelry from The Dainty Forces Company 

- Connecting with your local fleet and family center for local events 

- Showing your support by wearing purple in the month of April 

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