Why we are a Slow Fashion Jewelry Company

Why we are a Slow Fashion Jewelry Company

At The Dainty Forces Company, we embrace the viewpoint of slow fashion, a concept that extends to our jewelry creations. Slow Fashion is about mindfully creating products that are unique, high quality, and made with love to last a lifetime Our commitment is evident in every handcrafted piece, created for everyday wear, in and out of uniform, to family members expressing support for their loved ones and for veterans who have served our country. We take an approach to create our pieces with ethically sourced items, most made in the United States.

But what defines something as fast fashion? Jewelry items are manufactured quickly in response to customer demand and for cheap and typically are used for a season and donated or thrown away. This leads to more waste and landfill contributions. We stand against such practices, prioritizing the enduring value of our creations and using high-quality items in production of our jewelry pieces. 

In addition to our dedication to slow fashion principles, we take pride in fostering a connection between our customers and the stories behind each piece of jewelry. Every item in our collection tells a unique tale, representing not only the craftsmanship invested in its creation but also the values we hold. By embracing slow fashion in our jewelry designs, we encourage a shift away from disposable trends and transient styles. Our pieces are timeless, created with a focus on enduring lifetime, meaningful creations. 

At The Dainty Forces Company, we recognize that the true value of jewelry lies not only in its visual appeal but also in the meaningful connections too. Whether worn as a symbol of familial bonds, a testament to unwavering support, or a token of personal resilience, each piece carries an emotional resonance that extends far beyond a first glance. That is why in 2024, we will be offering exclusively gold filled, sterling silver, and rose gold filled jewelry pieces because we believe in the longevity of our items to make them last a lifetime. By choosing slow fashion with us, you're not just buying "just a piece of jewelry"; you are telling a story, your story. 

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